What our clients say

This recliner is fantastic. The seating feels like an air ride seat. The Comfort level was of the highest quality. Thanks, Penworkers for a great addition to my living room.

Arbendra Pratap Developer@CreationMania

Here is a comfortable Recliners & Sofa option, the Penworkers Verona with centre compartment enclosure panel. This setup is great for couple.

John Doe CEO@google.com


Pen Workers Seating company is a pioneer and leader in fixed public seating comprising Cinema, Auditorium, Stadium, Classroom, Retractable and Home Theatre seating. We are over 94 year old company, boasting of in house facilities for P.U Moulding, Plastic Forming, Powder Coating, CNC Wood Cutting, Laser Marking and Splitting, Metal Cutting and Stamping, Upholstering and Conveyorized Assembly.