Pen Workers Writes History in the Seating Industry of India (Newsletter)

Pen Workers Writes History in the Seating Industry of India 

Pen Workers, India’s oldest and largest seating company, helps people have a better sitting experience by providing products, services and insights into the ways people use chairs.

The company is the national leader in this field was established in 1924 at Mumbai. The Companies doctrine since the early 1920’s ‘OUR EFFORT IS YOUR COMFORT’ says it all. A family-owned company founded in 1924, we pride ourselves on over 93 years of superior customer service, innovative products and exceptional quality. The Company offers the industry’s premier selection of seating options. Pen Workers encompasses a host of specialized seating systems and recliners, each crafted uniquely for different seating requirements which includes for wide range of spaces like cinema, auditorium, indoor and outdoor stadiums, educational seats, home theatre seating and recliners, telescopic seats and airports seats. The Company’s achievement is apparent from the fact that it installs 40,000 units a year and has successfully executed 2,700 projects and installed 1.5 million seats pan Asia. In addition to the Company’s specialization in products and services which revolve around the seating business, the manufacturing facility boasts of in-house departments including PU injection, ABS Moulding, Metal Fabrication and Wielding, Upholstery and Assembly, Powder Coating, Autocad Designing, CNC Router and Laser Cutting. Pen Workers is ISO – 9001: 2008, ISO – 14001:2004, OHSAS – 18001:2007 certified company and we’re truly grateful when we receive such recognition for the work we do.  The company also gives a 5 year warranty on its products which is the highest long term warranty within the country and also in Asia. These certificates reflect the added value we deliver and it motivates us to provide even more innovative products. Pen Workers started off with a small factory in Mazagoan in South Mumbai, and now has two factories within the country and one in North China. The company is named after a kind of wood called as “PEN” Wood used to make cinema seats in the earlier part of the last century.  The success of Pen Workers is transcending across the borders and orders come in from around the country as well as countries like Kenya, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Tanzania. Despite facing tough competition from China, we are emerging as a leading exporter in the ASEAN market.  Keeping strict control on the quality and consistent innovation makes Pen Workers more reliable than the other manufacturer which offers products cheaply which is of substandard quality. The Company is by far the largest manufacturer of its products in the ‘SAARC’ trade block.

Says Mr.Anmol Kashmiri – Partner, Pen Workers, “I doubt if   there is any Indian who has not sat on a chair that is installed by us. In your lifetime if you have been to school, watched a movie, enjoyed a drama, or been a part of any sporting event, then you have been a patron of Pen Workers Seating Company.” “In the process of delivering the products we always strive to uncover the opportunities when we design, manufacture, delivery and increase the product lifecycle to elevate the quality and to make things better. Our product always sets the standard for spectator seating. To refine our products we have invested heavily in our research and development department.  We have also expanded our verticals from cinemas and auditoria to class rooms, recliners, waiting areas, stadia and we are now looking at entering the restaurant and hotel seating business,” adds Mr. Kashmiri     

Anmol Kashmiri, – Partner, Pen Workers

Seats are designed with extreme care and with engineering precision so that you get a stylish yet safe product. Best of all, each and every one of the Pen Workers Seating Company’s products is rigorously tested with the passage of time. The Company’s showroom is a powerful design house where it has over 70 chair samples and a small preview theatre with high end recliner chairs.  The headquarters has enough space for demonstration room containing various types of seats that recline, rock and swivel – sometimes all at the same time. It also nests a mini private auditorium where a big screen has been installed for a quick getaway moment in the middle of hectic business life. Company offers customize chairs to suit client’s needs and personalize them with the logo. Whether you need seating for sports stadiums & arenas or community event centers, prestigious concert venues or local theaters, university classrooms or school gymnasiums and auditoriums, Pen Workers Seating has your solution. Major architectural teams have put their trust in us in the last nine decades of our existence. Pen Workers is a leader in the sector and one of the companies best able to respond to the needs of clients.


Following are the examples of our seating installations at various facilities:

Pen Workers has been instrumental in the installation of seats at the legendary events like ‘The Common Wealth Games in Delhi in 2007-08’ and ‘Formula One Grand Prix’. The Company has done more than 2,700 installations in and around India. Our country’s leading multiplex operators like Fame, Cinemax, Big Cinemas, Inox, PVR , Wave, Satyam, E Square, HDIL Broadway, Fun Republic etc, have bestowed their faith in us during some part of their or our history.  Our Company has also supplied seats in home theaters owned by film personalities like Shah Rukh Khan, YRF , Sunny Deol to name a few.

Pen Worker’s Super Stylish & Ultra Luxury Recliner Chairs

India’s oldest auditorium Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan- furnished 75 years back by us. And yet again in 2013 the Company supplied new seats which was yet again inaugurated by the Honorable President of India Brand’s clientele includes reputed educational institutes like SVKM, Thakur Education Trust and many other colleges, schools and institutes. The whole seating assignment in prestigious projects like Wankhede Stadium (VIP Area), Pune Warriors Stadium, Chepauk Stadium Chennai, Bangladesh National Stadium where Cricket World Cup was played, India’s largest indoor stadium – National Sports Club of India (NSCI) Indoor Stadium, India’s largest Stadium MCA-Pune and Subroto Roy Sahara Stadium was entrusted on and executed by our Company.

Pen Worker’s Chairs installed at National Centre of Performing Arts

The Company has furbished most of the prestigious and largest auditoriums in the country like the NCPA (National centre of performing arts) in Mumbai, Siri Fort auditorium in New Delhi and nearly thousand more. In the early part o 2013 the company installed in early installed 4000 seats  in India’s most prestigious indoor stadia/ auditorium called N.S.C.I / S.V.P. stadium. Pen Workers the pioneer and leader in fixed public seatings now vouch to make spectators enjoy the game with more pleasure by installing special chairs that can bear the different gestures of the spectators including the joy and annoyance and the tough unpredictable nature of Indian weather. The Company has made an indigenous designed chair exclusively for stadiums which it intends to launch Asia wide by mid 2014.

Pen Workers along with Audience Systems brings India a revolutionary seating technology – Retractable Chairs

As collaboration is more crucial to drive innovation in today’s globally competitive environment, Pen Workers is the first Indian Seating Company to pioneer the retractable seating concept in and around India in collaboration with UK based designer and manufacturer, Audience Systems. It is this company who first introduced retractable seating to the UK from Japan over 30 years ago. Audience Systems is a UK based seating company manufacture retractable platforms for venues worldwide. The Company is renowned not only for its stringent quality standards but also its presence in some of the world’s most prestigious multipurpose venues including Singapore Sports Hub, Aspire Dome in Qatar, ORA Arena in Istanbul and Q2 World in Germany. Such major venues choose Audience Systems seating because of its proven heavy duty structure, its reliability and the speed at which systems can be retracted or moved. These factors alone deliver substantial operational cost savings over the lifetime of the seating compared to lower-grade retractable systems.

Pen Workers launches World’s best Seating Technology – Retractable Chairs

The Best and Only Space Utility Solution 



Pen Workers offers for the first time in India, maximum space utility option by presenting you the latest revolutionary technology in the seating industry – Retractable Seating System. This system is truly an outstanding design innovation in the world’s seating industry. Availability of large open spaces in urban areas is considered to be a sign of opulence. Large space commands hefty expenditure for marriages, parties, outdoor and indoor games. Retractable seating systems dynamically transform the space into a desired one and offers solution to the most complicated issue of optimum space utility.  With this retractable seating technology Pen Workers will provide a space for multipurpose activities like space for people to meet, play any indoor and outdoor sports, learn or be entertained. The retractable seating system is part of a new category from Pen Workers that combine aesthetics with performance to facilitate innovation. This system allows the arranger an instantaneous creation of spacious area by drawing back the tired seats. Suddenly, a tired auditorium can be transformed into a large open space perfect for a party or marriage, or the seating around a basketball court can pull back to made room for a hockey pitch.Retractable seating systems also known as “telescopic seating”, “tribunes” or “bleachers” are tiers of seating that fold away into a space the depth of a single row. Retractable seating is an apt technology where multi-use environments like gymnasiums, arenas and convention centers, even Performing Arts auditoriums demand multiple, flexible seating configurations. Our retractable seating allows you to seat big crowds or extend just one bleacher, and everything in-between. The portable retractable seating units give more seating flexibility. Perfect for multipurpose spaces where the seating is not always required, they can be designed to be stored in situ or in a separate location. Pen Workers have collaborated with Audience Systems because it is this company which is at the forefront of this technology. Audience Systems are a world leader for retractable seating systems, with nearly 40 years’ experience working closely with end users, architects and contractors.

The following features make Audience Systems more reliable company than any other because:

  • Designed and manufactured to the international standards as required
  • Unique steel alignment technology to prevent row jamming
  • Exceptionally durable, automatic row locking system to hold the system firmly and safely in place once open
  • Bolted structure for ongoing reliability – the system can be adjusted annually to compensate for changes in the floor etc
  • Suite of options for operation and movement, including wireless operation


Within retractable seating technology there are different mechanisms employed to make a distinct and unique seating arrangement that will cater to different needs and schemes. To illustrate, the Espace 628, a classic chair, uses a unique auto-tip mechanism is designed to create a sleek and compact closed profile. Other more refined versions of this series are Espace 628 High Back, 628 CC and 628T. Espace 628 High Back is a stylish and comfortable auditorium chair suitable for retractable, fixed or removable applications. The high back provides additional support to the shoulders as well as an enhanced appearance to the auditorium. The 628 CC is a versatile and luxurious version of the classic Espace 628 model, whereas 628T is ideal for conference and lecture spaces and seminars. Campus Fold Down allows a conference centre to double Recital is a high specification auditorium chair which will also fit on retractable platforms. The ingenious fold down mechanism allows the chair to rotate into the space between the platforms and the design of the chair components such that they nest together in an optimal space-saving manner makes it a modest row rise retractable system. So now, don’t shy away for arranging any outdoor game just 10 minutes after the marriage event with just touch of the button.  A heavily seating room can thus be swiftly transformed into a spacious area. Our retractable systems for arenas, stadia, theatres, multipurpose venues, schools and sports venues are durable, consistent and low lifetime cost. Any custom demands from a client like using a specific number of rows in one occasion and altering the row in other occasion during the same event can be achieved with this technology. This system can be used in many market segments, including conference rooms, auditoriums and auditorium seating, and guarantees outstanding results for your project. Easy to maintain and hard to beat, the retractable seating is built to withstand all the elements—including concessions and fans. Our collection of this seating is designed to add new dimensions of comfort and style to auditoriums, theaters or places of worship. If you are a customer who needs telescopic or retractable seating, fixed seating, the choice is clear—Pen Workers Seating Company. Pen Workers with dedication and commitment will soon position India as a manufacturing hub for the best designed seats and capture growth in the by both ASEAN and SAARC region by focusing on our principle motto – ‘our effort is for your comfort’



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