Shivamogga’s First Multiplex (Bharath Cinemas)

Shivamogga’s First Multiplex (Bharath Cinemas) 

Bharath Cinemas (Cineplex Pvt Ltd) unveiled its second property in Karnataka after a successful stintin Manglore The Cinemas is redefining the filmviewing experience in Shivamogga with its luxurious 4-screen multiplex, the first-of-its-kind in the city. Also known as the gateway to Malnad, the city of Shivamogga lies on the banks of Tunga River and is a doorway to the hilly region of Western Ghats. Most Bangaloreans would instantly relate the district with the famous weekend getaway Jog Falls! The lush green city recently got its first multiplex ever! The wellknown Bharath Cinemas of Mangalore opened its 4-screen multiplex at Bearys City Centre Mall in Shivamogga. It’s the first multiplex in the district of Shivamogga and the second property of Bharath Cinemas in Karnataka. The Cinemas is redefining the film viewing experience in Shivamogga with its luxurious interiors, state-of-the-art sound and projection technology. With tremendous potential in a city like Shivamogga, the Cinemas is expected to receive a good response from the film enthusiasts of the town.


Bharath Cinemas at Shivamogga is spread around 32,000 sq ft of space with a total seating capacity of 769 with 15 recliner seats for comforts at its best. This multiplex also boasts of many first’s including, 7.1 digital surround sound, 2K projection systems and next generation 3D enabled servers for best cinematic experience. The Cinemas will also have wide variety of F&B, including extensive range of food options.

Global Standards of Technology & Services

Bala Shetty and Anand Pai, Directors, Bharath Cinemas (Cineplex Pvt Ltd), say: “It is our continuous endeavour to enhance customer experience at Bharath Cinemas multiplex with superior technology and overall services matching up to the international standards of convenience and comfort. The Multiplex at Bearys City Centre Mall, Shivamogga would definitely be a great movie destination for both youngsters and families.” Anmol Kashmiri, the fourthgeneration entrepreneur at Pen Workers, elaborates on his experience of designing the seats for Bharath Cinemas. “It’s always been a pleasure to work with Mr Shetty, who’s a well-wisher and a pillar of support for our company. For this particular project, we had to design a product specifically keeping in mind the vision lines and the space available on site. The challenge was to maximize comfort and at the same time minimise the space.” Pen Workers has been synonymous with seating comfort for over nine long decades in India.


Anirvan Ghose, Managing Director, PULZ Electronics Ltd, said: “Mr Bala Shetty is one the pioneers of modern cinema theatres in the Southern part of India. For him it is always about getting the basics right while building a cinema. At their current sites, all the basic aspects have been researched and addressed to the minute details. The cineplexes have 4K projection, Dolby Atmos immersive audio technology, PULZ Isowave audio systems which are cutting edge technology for any modern cinema to facilitate the true immersive experience. The technically advanced Pulz Isowave system is capable of delivering stunning sound quality and realism to each and every seat in the cinema.” “In Bharath Cineplexes, PULZ design and engineering team is involved from the initial stages of design to final deployment of the audio system conforming to international standard of modern immersive audio reproduction,” he added. Bharath Group has an illustrious business history with successful forays into Construction/ Realty, Automobiles, Finance & Investment, Printing & Stationery, Retail, Lifestyle and Entertainment. TheatreWorld catches with Bala Shetty to learn more about the cinema entertainment business of the Group.

You operate one of the biggest multiplxes in Mangalore. How did it all begin?

We started a multiplex in Mangalore in the year 2006, which was in fact the first in the district of Mangalore and Udupi. It was initially a joint venture with a multiplex chain and later, in the year 2011, Bharath Cinemas became independent with its own brand. Bharath Cinemas is operated through our company Cineplex Pvt Ltd, which is owned by Bharath Group, which has business verticals in construction, real estate, beedi industry and automobile. Now, we are keen on expansions.

What was the impetus behind establishing a multiplex in Shivamogga?

As an expansion plan, we started a 4- screen multiplex in Shivamogga, which has a very high potential for the cinema viewing. This is the first multiplex in Shivamogga district.

What is the cinema scene like in Shivamogga? How does Bharath Cinemas position itself in this scenario?

In a small city like Shivamogga, where the avenues of leisure activities are limited, cinema is the only viable source of entertainment. With the first mover advantage, Bharath Cinemas has very good prospects in this regard. Whether it’s a weekend hangout for youngsters or a place for quality family time, Bharath Cinemas fills the muchneeded gap. Besides, the average disposable income levels being high in the city, we expect it to have a positive impact on our business. I also feel the quality of film content today is much more conducive to the new technologies such as 2K projection and 7.1 digital surround sound. Equipped with these latest offerings, we are confident of delivering the best. I’m sure film enthusiasts will enjoy and appreciate the cinematic experience at Bharath Cinemas.

Briefly elaborate on the features of the new multiplex, which in your opinion, will have a longstanding and positive impact on the footfalls.

The multiplex is quite spacious and is spread around 32,000 sq ft of space in Beary’s Mall with a total seating capacity of 769 and 15 recliner seats for comforts at its best. The multiplex also boasts of many firsts including, 7.1 digital surround sound, 2K projection systems and next generation 3D enabled servers for best cinematic experience. We will also have wide variety of F&B choices.

In an era when multiplexes are booming, how or what do you think is a differentiating factor for a multiplex brand.

By selecting locations in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities, where multiplex penetration is very low, our brand is poised to sustain the challenges with respect to the operations of the multiplex.

How do you strive to replicate the success of your Mangalore multiplex in Shivamogga.

With a trained team and several years of experience in managing and operating a multiplex, I’m very confident that Bharath Cinemas will do very well in operational performance.


What are your future plans for Bharath Cinemas?

By December 2017, we will be coming up with a 4-screen multiplex in Manipal; another 4-screen in Kundapur, Udupi is expected by April 2018 and a 3-screen multiplex in Puttur by April 2019 — all in Karnataka. More proposals for multiplexes are under negotiations at other locations.


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